Date Ideas

Date night ideas! I’m going to list some ideas for date nights, some will cost a decent amount of money and some will be on the less expensive to no money side for those of us on a budget because money should not get in the way of still having a fun time with your partner.

**Just to note, any specific thing I mention such as Applebee’s or Hunt A Killer, or anything of that nature, I am not affiliated with in anyway. They are just places I have been or things I have done.

First off we’ll start with the classic dinner and a movie. This one will cost whatever amount of money you choose to spend. It could be more expensive or it could be cheaper depending on your choices. A movie will cost about the same regardless of what you see. The dinner though is where you can choose how much you want to spend. You could go anywhere from a five star gourmet restaurant to your neighborhood Applebee’s to your favorite fast food place. Even though fast food places aren’t super cheap anymore. But this option is a standard and can be a lot of fun. However, I don’t recommend the movie part if it’s a first date or a date where you’re still getting to know each other. Movies, at least during it, are not exactly a great place to have a conversation unless you want to piss the other movie goers off.

Another fun date night is something like mini golfing or bowling or some type of activity. I am not good at either of those things but I still have so much fun doing them. Plus, normally those things aren’t too expensive. These are also good for weather purposes. Some are outside and some inside so you can plan around the weather.

A very cheap to no cost date night would be staying at home. I am personally a pretty big fan of this kind of date night because both my boyfriend and I enjoy being at home anyway. However, if you choose to do this type of date night you need to commit. Being at home can be easier to get distracted and start doing all the things you haven’t had a chance to yet or getting ready for the next day or week ahead, or all those little to do’s and things you have running through your head. Instead think of it as going out but you’re not. You could even dress up and do your hair and make up as if you’re going out so you still have the fun and excitement of getting ready even if it’s just to stay in the house. Plus at your house you can do pretty much whatever you want provided you have it there. You could make dinner together, have drinks, watch a movie, play games, dance around the kitchen or living room, or if you have something like my boyfriend and I do, which is the Hunt a Killer subscription boxes, you can do those. You could just sit and talk. There are so many options at home and again if you’re not a fan of going out or crowds staying at home is a great option.

That’s it on my date night ideas for now. I might make this a semi recurring post as I have date nights and get more ideas or if they just pop in my head. Hopefully you find one you like and feel free to comment with things you do on your date night!