Tattoo Stories

I’m going to share the story behind each of my tattoos. I have five right now, I plan to get more but I’ve only had time and money for these five right now. These are the pictures and little stories behind each of them.

First tattoo- right shoulder

This is the first tattoo I got. I went with my momma to get it and I had just turned 18. It’s on my right shoulder and it’s my grandfather’s initials. This was my grandfather on my mom’s side and he was the very first grandparent I lost. He passed in 2004. I was surprised at how not painful it was. It’s not a very painful spot to get one anyway but I’m a baby sometimes and didn’t know how I was going to be with the pain but I found it to be more an irritation than an actual pain.

Second tattoo- left ankle

This is the second tattoo I got. I went with my ex sisters-in-laws for a joint bachelorette party for me and one of my SIL’s. This one was not painful at all and it is a matching tattoo with the other bachelorette. I’m no longer married into that family but I don’t regret the tattoo nor do I wish that I didn’t get a matching one. She was like my sister and my best friend for a while. It’s still a pretty tattoo and I really like the way it was done. It was her favorite flower and that’s why I got it with her.

Third tattoo- right thigh

This is the third tattoo I got. I got it at another bachelorette party but this one was for the other sister-in-law. This one was done by the same person who did the second one and this one was not painful either. This one actually kind of tickled. I got this one because I have always loved peacock feathers and I thought the colors were really pretty.

Couple’s tattoo
Fourth tattoo (mine is on the left)- left thigh

This is the fourth tattoo I got and it is a couple’s tattoo with my boyfriend. His favorite band is Twenty One Pilots and these are the lyrics from a song called “The Judge”. This is by far my favorite tattoo because I went to get it with him and it means something to us. This one also didn’t hurt at all.

Fifth tattoo- right lower stomach

This is my fifth tattoo and this one was by far the most painful one I have gotten. The other ones as I had said didn’t really hurt at all but this one was quite painful. It’s a tiger lily and it’s my favorite flower. While I was getting this one done I had to stop and take a couple little breaks but it was worth it in the end.

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