Friday Favorites

As I said in the first Friday Favorites post this is going to be a recurring monthly post so here is the second Friday Favorites where I link to articles and/or sites that I have found over the past month that I think are interesting or useful or just plain entertaining.

***Just a note- I am not affiliated with any of the links or articles that I share. I am sharing them simply because I found them appealing in some way or another.

5 Cleaning Mistakes This is a link to an article from Real Simple that I found about 5 little cleaning mistakes that you might want to consider or reconsider when it comes to your cleaning routine. Before my current job I cleaned houses independently and very briefly for a company. I still do on the side and I clean my own home and I have a list in the “Reminders” app on my phone where I keep my daily cleaning routines (I will be sharing that in a post sometime soon-in case anyone is interested), but I am always interested when I see articles about cleaning just in case I find something I didn’t know or find something I want to add into my cleaning routines. I found this article to be interesting and have some interesting tips/facts.

Disney Channel Holiday Themed Episodes This is an article from popsugar that has a list of times and dates of the shows on Disney Channel that will have holiday themed episodes. This is probably a pretty good article for any of you that have some kids (that maybe need to be distracted while you wrap presents perhaps?) or for any adult that lets their inner child out and I

Lauren Conrad Paper House Decor Patisserie & Lauren Conrad Paper House Decor Beauyty Salon These are just two decor items that I think are really cute. I love Christmas village type things and that is what these remind me of.

Holiday Movies to Stream on Netflix This is an article from popsugar with 20+ holiday themed movies that can be streamed on Netflix in case anyone feels like getting into the Christmas spirit. I have been watching at least one Christmas movie everyday.

That’s it for this Friday Favorites. I hope you enjoy some of these things as much as I did.

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