Weekly Fitness Routine

I’m going to share my weekly fitness routine because I know that everyone has busy lives and especially when holidays come around it can get even busier. Since fitness is so important though I find a way to fit it every day even if it’s just five minutes.

Monday through Friday I squeeze in a yoga video and these past couple months I’ve been doing a Blogilates challenge. I recently started doing two at a time. The challenges focus on a specific body part but a lot of times the moves can help out with other parts as well. I am currently doing the 100 Squat Challenge. It’s 30 days and you do a different squat every day, 100 reps. I’ve also been doing the flat abs challenge. This is also 30 days. All the challenges are 30 days. This flat abs challenge is 5 moves total but it starts out with 3 different moves for 5 reps each and each day it either adds a rep or a new move until you eventually end up on the last day doing all 5 moves for 22 reps each.

If I am not doing a Blogilates challenge, I still do a yoga video and a blogilates video. The videos I choose, all depend on the amount of time I have and/or the part of my body I would like to focus on that day.

I am also a big fan of walking. I like to go for a walk whenever I can. Even if it’s short, it’s good to get out and get some fresh air and exercise.

Image: Pexels

This is sort of a trick/tip for getting exercise everyday but if you read my cleaning tips/tricks post or you are like me and do a little cleaning every day, it is really easy to kind of turn that in to a little bit of exercise. For example, if I am doing laundry I will put it through the washer and then the dryer and then instead of putting it in a laundry basket or something, I stay at the dryer and fold it all there. Each time I need to get something out of the dryer I have to bend a little so I will just turn it into a squat. I usually divide the clothes into different piles, for instance my boyfriend’s shirts will be one pile, my shirts another, same thing with pants and socks and under things. Then there is towels, wash cloths, and sheets. Each thing would be a different pile and instead of combining piles or putting them all into a laundry basket, I take each pile to put away separately. That way I get a little more walking in. It takes a little bit more time but not so much that it’s going to take away from other things you need to do. Plus if you walk quickly to put away the things it ups the cardio aspect a little. Another chore like doing dishes or vacuuming/sweeping/mopping I will dance a little while I am doing it. Even if you are just shaking your hips a little or just adding a little more pep in your step it will be just a little bit of cardio but it’s still something more than it was before.

You might not be able to turn every chore into a little exercise but you can usually “dance”a little for each chore I’ve found. I will try to dance any time I can. It’s something simple but if you can turn your chores or house work into a little exercise it’s a great way to fit a little bit in and “kill two birds with one stone” kind of thing. I do these types of things every day so in case I can’t fit in anything else I will still feel like I have done a little something good for myself.

My point in sharing this is that even though life can get super busy, taking care of yourself is still super important and if any of these things can help you squeeze in a little something for yourself I’m glad to have shared.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Fitness Routine

  1. My last recognized fitness routine was probably 3 years ago but from time to time I get questions like do you work out? Your body is well toned etc, after reading this post I feel I have always had a fitness routine without knowing 😁😂

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  2. ireayotomiwa

    I love your suggestion of turning every chores into a little exercise. I used to work out before my baby but now I am so swamped some days that I can’t remember my name. So, this can really be it for me for now if I’ll ever get back in shape.

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    1. I’m glad you liked it. Sometimes I just don’t feel like going to the gym or rolling out my yoga mat or anything so since I clean all the time and have to do that I figure might as well make it work for me too. I hope it helps!


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