New Year’s Resolutions

I always make New Year’s Resolutions and I imagine feel like most people do, I think I’ll stick with them and every intention to and then something happens and I don’t. This year by posting them on the blog, maybe I’ll feel a little more accountable since it’s public. Also, I have been very motivated to do the things that I really want to do.

1. I want to start eating better. I try to eat well but sometimes it’s hard to do between time and energy but it’s really important and I do not think I am feeding myself the way I should. I know it’s not going to be perfect but I am really going to try and incorporate more fruits and vegetables into my diet and be really mindful of what I am eating and how it will make me feel afterwards. I LOVE McDonald’s but the I do NOT love the way I feel afterwards so I really want to work on feeding myself things that will make me feel good.

2. I want to start taking a few minutes in the morning to meditate/set intentions for my day. I really want to start my day mindfully. I think if I take a few minutes every morning to get myself in the right mindset I will be able to be more productive and the little things won’t get to me as much as they do sometimes.

3. I’m going to refocus on my blog. I haven’t necessarily not been focusing on it but I really want to make sure I have a plan and a schedule that I stick to so that I can accomplish what I want to with it. I have already started my schedule and this post was the first one I started it with. I also have created a theme for each month with my topics.

4. Be present and supportive in my relationships. I think I do this pretty well already but it can always be better. I have a lot of support in my life and especially from my boyfriend and I want to make sure I am reciprocating the way I would like to.

That’s it for my resolution’s this year. I know it’s kind of a short list but I think part of the problem, at least for me and keeping resolutions, is that I make too many or they are too general. I think these are pretty specific and give me enough to focus on.

What are your resolutions? Feel free to comment with what they are? Or if you don’t make them, why and do you do anything instead of making them?

8 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Thank you for sharing your resolutions with us =) It’s great to have goals each year! I enjoy most forms of exercise, but have never liked distance running. So one of my resolutions for the year is to actually start enjoying it! Best wishes to you!

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  2. jentowkaniuk

    I think we made the same resolutions! Eating better is always at the top of my list after a month of holiday fun. Working on my blog is the biggest one. Cheering you on!

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  3. kcbiniahan

    Im going to really try and post regularly on my blog. Its so difficult to maintain a regular schedule but looking at ways to be accountable.

    New Years Resolutions are great to motivate ourselves.. how to extend that motivation all year round ☺️

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    1. Lol yeah that’s the trickiest part. Honestly the group though has been a big part of keeping me motivated because I feel like I always need to have a pretty new blog post to put up so hopefully we can all stay motivated. Good luck on your goals! 😊


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