Friday Favorites- New Year’s Edition

Sleeping better. This is a huge thing for me this year. I am going to try and focus on getting better, restorative sleep. I am sure a lot of people can relate to this, which is why I am sharing this article. There are so many factors that contribute to people’s sleep or lack thereof and I am going to do everything I can this year to be able to get not just enough sleep but restful sleep. I am tired of being tired all the time. So if any of you are feeling this way hopefully this article helps you.

Stages of sleep. This short article goes along with the one above just in terms that it briefly explains the stages of sleep so you can better understand what each stage is and how long it lasts to determine if/when you get to each sleep stage during the night.

Clear skin. Another thing I am looking to take on this year is trying to finally get my skin clear. It’s not really awful but it’s not good either. I have good days and I wash my face every morning and every night, I’m on a birth control pill that is “supposed” to help with acne, and I’ve been on medications before to help but I went off of those because they really messed with my stomach. I felt nauseous all the time. The one thing I haven’t tried is to change my eating habits. So, since one of my resolutions is to eat better anyway, this article made me even more motivated to eat better. Maybe if that’s one of your goals this will help motivate you too if you have problem skin like me.

More sleep tips. I am really determined to try and get better sleep this year, so here is another article with some sleep tips. Hopefully if this goal is on your list some of these may help you too. Some of the tips I already knew and have worked on and some are new or I know I need to implement but can bring myself to do. The no electronics in the bedroom is a hard one. I have always had a TV in my room since I was in high school probably. I just find it helps me to have something I can focus on to listen to so that my mind isn’t constantly running. I know there are sound machines and things but I can’t focus on just sound, I tend to need something like The Offfice or Friends. I need something familiar so I’m not too focused on it but also something I don’t get tired of so that I can focus just enough on it. This is going to be the hardest habit for me to deal with I think.

Napping. I love when science supports things I like. While napping isn’t necessarily a goal of mine because ideally I wouldn’t have to nap if I got the correct amount and type of sleep, it is something I have always loved. I remember nap times in kindergarten were amazing. I even slept through recess. I have always and still do LOVE naps.

Naps are especially nice when you have some of the best napping partners (although ideally Gemma-on the left- would be laying next to me rather than sitting on me 🤷‍♀️)

This is the last one I promise. Here is the last article of this Friday Favorites and the last one about sleep (did I mention I really want to improve my sleep this year?) But this article is not just about sleep. It is all related to sleep such as things to do before bed to help you relax, or get to sleep faster or things of that nature but some of it is also just good ideas for some self care. Just in case you need a reminder or an idea of something to do to take care of yourself.

Enjoy and let me know if you try any or have tried any of these in the past or if you have something else you do that works.

4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites- New Year’s Edition

    1. Thank you. I haven’t tried warm milk in a long time. I do remember my brother used to make it for me when I was little though and having trouble sleeping. It always seemed to help. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂


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