Friday Favorites

Stop crying. I know this is maybe not so useful to people but I found it kind of interesting especially since I am super emotional and can cry at the most inopportune moments sometimes. I have not tried any of these tricks but I am going to try and remember them for next time. The only thing I knew of to try and stop crying was to look up and fan yourself with your hands which is not exactly subtle.

Coffee grounds. I am a coffee drinker and I normally just throw my grounds out or down the garbage disposal. I saw this article and thought maybe I could find a new use for them. I found quite a few ways I didn’t know about.

Warming up your car. I warm up my car everyday. I even had remote car starter installed for this fact. So whether you heed this information or not I figured I’d share it.

Disney Princess Dining. Okay these I just LOVE. I am a HUGE Disney fan. Cinderella is my favorite princess and always has been and I love that these are a thing. (To my boyfriend who I know will be reading this, I would like these 😉 But anyway they also seem like pretty nice dinnerware if Disney is your thing.

Snowy Winter Lovers. This isn’t so much a thing as it is pictures of snow but it is for anyone who loves the snow and maybe misses it like I do. As I have mentioned before I used to live in Central New York where you may have to dig your car out in the mornings, now I live in Tennessee where there may be a dusting if you’re lucky. I find these pictures beautiful and sad at the same time because it really makes me miss winters in New York so I am living vicariously through the pictures and figured I’d share this link in case anyone else is in need of them too.

Spend Less Time Cleaning. Words everyone loves to hear. These are very simple things (that you may already know) but that are good to keep in mind. In case you didn’t know these things they are super useful to know because they can save you time. I have two cast iron pans and love that I don’t really have to spend too much cleaning them. Also, the denim tip is super useful. We all know laundry is a never ending chore so anything to save time with this chore is gladly welcomed.

More Cleaning Tips. Here are five cleaning tips that I find to be pretty useful and I hope you do too.

That’s it for this Friday Favorites post. Sorry it’s later than usual. If you have any comments on any of these articles I’d love to hear from you.

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