Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Image via Pexels

I made a date night post a little while back and some of these are going to be similar but I’m also going to give a few new ideas.

1. The classic dinner and drinks is always a good option. However, if you are opting for a fancier dining place be sure to make reservations in advance. Although as I write this I realize it may already be too late to make reservations (sorry) but keep this is mind next year. I feel like you can’t really go wrong with dinner and drinks though and especially since Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday this year, if you stay out a little later the next morning is a Saturday and hopefully you don’t have to get up too early.

You could also do an at home version of dinner and drinks which is what my boyfriend and I will be doing this year (we also did it last year, we like to stay home). He will be making dinner and dessert this year though since I did it last year. You can always grab ingredients for whatever you want to make, pick up a beverage you want to enjoy and have a lovely night in.

Image via Pexels

2. Painting with a Twist, Sip n Paint, Color Me Mine or anything like that could be a fun time for you and your partner, a “Galentine’s” Day idea, or just by yourself if you’re flying solo. This is a fun idea because afterwards you have a souvenir to remember the evening by.

3. Dancing. I LOVE dancing and I don’t ever think you can go wrong with a dancing date. Even if you think you can’t dance or aren’t that good, dancing is so much fun, maybe have a drink and then let loose. You could also do a dance lesson or class if you’d rather not just go somewhere and “wing” it.

4. I mentioned a dance class but really any type of class would be fun. Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn how to cook or maybe your partner has been mentioning learning glass blowing, you could do a date night at a class. But try to make it a class that both of you will enjoy.

5. Movies, either at home or going out could be a fun time, if you’re looking for a more relaxing night. Quite a few movies typically come out on Valentine’s Day so there should be a lot of new options at the theater or perhaps you’ve had your eye on a certain Redbox one. Also, I’m sure you probably have Netflix and can search and maybe find something that catches your interest on there.

6. Depending on where you are and the weather, maybe you could do a walk in the park or a little hike or bike ride if you’re looking for a more outdoorsy type date idea. A picnic could even be nice.

Image via Pexels

Hopefully there is an idea that speaks to you or perhaps you already have plans. Either way remember Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time to show your partner some appreciation and love but it should be something you do on any ole regular day as well.

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