Friday Favorites

Before I get into my favorites, I am going to introduce my theme for the month of March: Fashion. I know I’ve been a little missing lately with writing posts but I’m going to get back on track this week. The posts will all be related to fashion except for the Friday Favorites, those may or may not include fashion related things and there will probably be a St. Patrick’s Day post as well. Okay now for my favorites.

Turkey Meatloaf recipe. In an effort to eat healthier, my boyfriend and I have been trying to add ground turkey into our meals in place of ground beef. We still eat ground beef but just not quite as much as we used to. However, I am always searching for new things to make to avoid getting stuck in a food rut. I know meatloaf is not anything new or crazy but I thought the recipe sounded good and used turkey instead of ground beef, plus it’s in muffin form and that’s just super fun.

Lemon Honey Sauce recipe. This recipe sounds delicious. I am not a big fan of chicken unless it’s in wing form or McDonald’s chicken nuggets form. I eat it to mix it up and I know it’s good for me but I am always looking for ways to kick it up and make it a little less bland. I am a big fan of doing a lemon-y butter sauce but I want to give this one a try.

Trying to go green? I try to do my part for the environment when I can. I’m probably not as good as I should be but I’m definitely not the most horrible. I do try to look for better options to more wasteful products and I really like some of these things in this post.

Pajamas vs birthday suit. I found this article to be a fun, quick read. I will say I find some of this to be accurate. I fall into the category of sleeping in my birthday suit. I identify as an introvert and my reasons for sleeping at naturel mainly have to do with comfort and temperature. I tend to be a hot sleeper but very much like cuddling up under my blankets so eliminating pajamas keeps me cool while still being able to take full advantage of my blankets. I’m also more comfortable without clothes benching up in weird places while I sleep. I do own lots of pajamas though and wear them before I go to bed if I feel like changing out of my day clothes while relaxing at night and I also wear them in the morning while I clean before showering for the day.

Chicken recipes. Here are some more ideas for chicken. I definitely want to try some of these and add them into my dinner rotation.

That’s it for this Friday Favorites. If you try any of these or have tried anything in this post please feel free to let me know in the comments below!

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