Outfit Ideas for Job Interviews

Searching for a job and not sure what to wear? I know it may seem super simple or obvious to some people but to others it may not be, especially if you’ve never had to go on an interview before. I’ve only ever been to three interviews in my 26 years of life. That may seem like a lot or a little but with the jobs that I have done, I either didn’t need one or had a very casual meet up to discuss what I would be doing on a job I was already hired for. It can be nerve wracking deciding what to wear on an interview because while you’re going to be evaluated on your qualifications and abilities for the most part, your appearance is the first thing anyone will see and will be making the first impression.

For most jobs, the best choice would probably be something along the lines of a business suit type deal either skirt or pants. A nice blouse with a skirt or pants would also be appropriate a majority of the time. I’ve only ever had one interview where I needed to wear this type of outfit though. My other interviews were a little more casual. One was for a cleaning job and the other was for a position where I would be working from home but needed to meet the person I was working for at a library to discuss the details of my position, as it was a start up company and he did not yet have an office space.

Image via Pexels
Image via Pexels

Both of those interviews, due to location and job I was interviewing for didn’t really require quite as dressy attire as most interviews would. The cleaning job was an independent cleaning job, in terms of I was not working for a company and it was a lady that was hiring someone to clean her home. To that interview, I wore a pair of nice jeans and a nice top, just meaning jeans that fit well, weren’t dirty and didn’t have any holes or rips in them and a top that was not a T-shirt and that was not super low cut or revealing.

Image via Pexels
Image via Pexels

The other one that took place in the library was also a pair of nice jeans and a tank top with a cardigan over it. I did not mention shoes for either of these outfits and for me shoes are always the hardest part. I think it’s best to keep in mind the weather, if they “go” with your outfit and if they are “appropriate” for the setting in which the interview is being conducted. For instance, the cleaning job, I wore a pair of boots, like nice boots that went up to my knee and that turns out my boss had many pairs quite similar. The interview at the library, I wore flip flops to. Not ideal probably but also I already had the job, it was more of a formality and to go over details and it was matching my outfit, the weather and the setting in which the interview took place.

Image via Pexels

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